This blog is a space to hold all things important to me.

Food – having grown up in Italy, in a family where both parents are excellent cooks and who worked jolly hard to grow their own produce, I can honestly say I have never wanted for good food. I moved to England for university and my eyes were opened to new cuisines I fell head-over-heels for: Thai, Japanese, Moroccan, Lebanese… I am now at a place where I can say I am a good cook, but I would like to really develop my understanding of flavours and good kitchen skills. I will use this blog to talk about my favourite recipes and latest inventions. Buon appetito!

Fitness – I was a sporty child, trying everything from ice-skating to judo to basketball to tennis. As a teenager I became more interested in arts and hanging out with friends. After putting on the obligatory 5kg in university, I realised I wanted to do something about it, and fell in love with weight-lifting. It has helped my posture, reduced back pain and increased my confidence. I have recently started taking part in classes such as Body Pump and Power Plate to supplement my programmes.

Fashion – Like most women, I enjoy fashion and beauty, so I will often be talking about my latest purchases.

Fun – a broad term I use to talk about all the things I will be getting up to in my personal life that don’t fall under previous categories.

NB I will never champion a brand/product/site because I have been paid to do so. I am a big consumer, and if I choose to talk about something it is because it has made a difference to my daily life. I will always be honest.


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